Psychology behind Successful Marketing

In this article, I will talk about psychology in the term of Successful Marketing. What makes you buy any product or service? 

There are so many points that will be discussed in this article and this article is going to be very useful for entrepreneurs, Professionals, marketing managers, social media marketer,s and everyone who has any product or service to sell.

Understanding Human Psychology in term of Marketing:-

As we know the four P’s Marketing mixture by  McCarthy are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. I would like to add one more P at the first place that stands for Psychology

Psychology is a scientific study of the human mind and behavior and that is why  Marketing is based on science, not creativity. Marketing is to know What your customer wants, what is customer behavior, and who is the decision taker for your product. There is a deep study of human psychology before product making and marketing.

Marketing is to know the why of things through the psychological study of a set of people. There are so many segments in which you should have to choose a perfect consumer group for your product or services.

Age Income Religion Location Male/Female
Occupation Marital Status LifeStyle Culture Values
Urban/Rural Ethnicity Personality Interest Company/ Industry

And So on…

Let’s take the example of Cadbury.

Since 1988 Cadbury targeted children through its ad campaign then 1990 it drove a youth campaign to promote its sales among youth and then he changed human perception for its products and started a family ad and Festival ad campaign with a Tagline “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” Thus Cadbury captured the whole market for its product. It is all a psychological marketing campaign.

Marketing is a continuous process of human psychological study which creates the human need and provides a solution for it.  

“If you want to get a positive result of your product, be its consumer first” Bharti Jain

Grab Attention through Good Communication:-

If you successfully communicate your message to your target consumer “Half the Battle you won”.

Capture your claim in the market and amplify your message to your actual target consumer through good communication.  

Create a Hook in your communication, Create a FOMO of your product, Create a tagline that shows belongingness, strong bond, and relation. Show how your product Product is different from others and show hidden benefits of your product in your communication.  

E.g. For life insurance policy LIC comes first in mind and For toothpaste Colgate comes first in mind. This is called recall value of a product which can be gained only with good and effective communications.

Personal Branding, Brand Equity and Mass Trust:-

Personal branding is the unique combination of skills and experience that makes you who you are. It is how you present yourself to the world. It differentiates you from the competition and allows you to build trust with current and prospective consumers. Positive brand equity can be transferred to a different product line, which in turn increases sales and revenue per company 

A key benefit of establishing positive brand equity is the benefits it can have on ROI. and positive brand equity creates Mass Trust in your products or services. 

What do you stand for and what should you be known for are the only things which can help create personal branding.

Traditional v/s Digital Marketing:-

Traditional marketing includes new paper, magazines, hoardings, billboards, TV, Radio, telephone books & Digital marketing includes video marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, podcast, SMM, SEO, PPC, website, mobile app, and many more.

Traditional marketing does not allow direct interaction with consumers whereas Digital marketing offers a high-level engagement and interaction among consumers. To sum up, through digital marketing tools we can get deep data and can analyze data, and make further strategies.

Traditional marketing is an extremely efficient technique to accomplish a wide-ranging consumer foundation however Digital marketing is direct response marketing which allows consumers to take quick action. Digital marketing along with traditional marketing used together is an excellent way for companies to reach more consumers and create more conversation. 

“Marketing is a race without a finishing line,” said Philip Kotler.  

Marketing is changing faster than at any point in history. The process of marketing changes as per Human Psychology changes. Marketing is to do more innovation to be more successful so do reverse innovation in a product or replace the product as per the requirement of the consumer. E.g. Maruti Alto is the world’s highest-selling car at the same price since it was launched by doing reverse innovation in it. 

Keep learning new Marketing technology and Human psychological changes and customize your product or service on the basis of your digital database.

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