Time to be Digitally Vocal for Local

Hey there, I am writing a book named “Time to be Digitally Vocal for Local

This book is all about promoting local products and local brands through digital & social media marketing. 

Vocal for Local phrase was first coined by our prime minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation during covid 19 pandemic.

Being Vocal for Local is not only to buy the product but be Vocal about promoting them proudly. Every product was local at its starting stage but it is us who bought them, promoted them and made them a Brand like KHADI. Khadi became a big brand from local to global brand.

Why suddenly we need to be vocal for locals? 

Because it was local who helped us overcome covid 19 crisis and helped us to survive. It was our local supply chain who fulfilled our day to day needs so it is our responsibility to support India and Indians.

This pandemic has taught us a lot of things. It shows that there are so many opportunities and capabilities in India. There are so many direct and indirect benefits of being Vocal for Local. 

So India needs the unity of Indians so that we can make AtmaNirbhar Bharat.

My Book Time to be Digitally Vocal for Local will be a digital version of you to support India and Indians. 

I hope you would like my upcoming Book.

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